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split with Varicella Zoster

by echelons

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you tell me it is a lake when in it is a fucking forest. salute the minister, nod to the wall. an disrespectfull ally. stolen symbols, streets of sand. remember to taste the best hummus you’ve ever had. it won’t make you less of a hypocrite. reactionary neo-conservative, neo-liberal post-communist, older then sixteen and still talking about universalism as if it is a valid option for this species. critisize in theory, idolize in practice. thinking of consumerism as a positive achievement. no explanaiton needed when dialectics are your dialect. i’m in solidarity with the flag that is white and blue but unlike you i am not a square.
it took me years to admit to myself that i like men as well. shocked while jerking off, telling myself it was just a phase, and now you come along, telling me that homophobia is not that big of a threat. you have no fucking idea. the fact that i’m a fag could get my ribs broken on the street and you have the audacity to tell me it could be worse. it can always be worse, you selfish fuck, but that won’t make this situation better in any way.
sing the song of the fallen worker, held down their whole life by the chains of capitalism. you were born to fight. this is a call to arms, this is a call for direct action, this is a call for sabotage, this is a call to educate yourself. note: sometimes it's more fun to celebrate the primitive fundaments of an ideology rather than getting lost in it's complex continuations.
veganism may be symptom treatment as boycott won’t change shit, but at least it’s a powerful statement. i understand that eating habits can’t save lifes in a fully developed capitalist world so it calls for more drastic actions. there is no bullshitting here, get active or get the fuck out. and yes, i’ve stayed healthy, no, i can’t feel it in my bones. i haven’t had deficiencies. and again, boycott doesn’t change shit but at least i am an example that you can live without being a part of this culture of death.
we could go at threehundred miles per minute and i’d still stand still in the state that i’m in. i have finally found a goal. shot and lost. knapp daneben ist halt auch irgendwie vorbei. the logic of change lost after being spoken out loud. a whole species experiencing the four stages of grief. at least it’s not a grinning moon. i’m at the lake as the summers are getting hotter. in scene fights are more important than this. it’s not like the free market is a ticking time bomb, right? the two minutes to midnight are the hour of the eco-terrorist.


recorded on the 16th and 17th of february 2017 at flozi’s place a.k.a. actionberg in graz, austria by stefan p. mixed by ourselves. mastered by will killingsworth. dedicated to the straight edge. all three of us support a vegan or vegeterian lifestyle and you should too.

check out the varicella zoster side as well: varicellazoster.bandcamp.com/releases


released November 26, 2017


all rights reserved



echelons Klagenfurt, Austria

Emotive Hardcore band from austria, formerly known as Unable to fully embrace this happiness.

béla - guitars/vocals
daniel - bass
david - drums/vocals

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